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During 2009, Daniel had salary income of $67,000, $1600 of qualified dividend income, and received $50,000 from the life insurance policy on his wife. His employer does not offer a retirement plan so he made a $3,000 contribution to his traditional IRA. He paid $9,800 for a hospital bill and $3,000 for a doctor bill for his deceased wife. He also paid $14,000 in mortgage interest, $1,800 in property taxes, $300 of credit card interest, and $1400 in job hunting expenses when he tried to change jobs in March. Determine Johns income tax liability for 2009 before any allowable credits.

Reference no: EM13123974

Illustrate what is most likely the tax bill is

Illustrate what is, most likely, the tax bill excluding interest on underpayments but including penalties other than the underpayment penalty of IRC 6654.

Journalize the transactions

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how much would you have at the end of that time, assuming that your account earns 5% interest compounded daily? Assume also that you drink a cup of coffee every day, includi

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Discuss the impact of technology on business and effective communication techniques and recognize situations that present potential ethical and legal issues and develop solu

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Dresser Company’s weekly payroll, paid on Fridays, totals $8,080. Employees work a 5-day week. Prepare Dresser’s adjusting entry on Wednesday, December 31, and the journal ent

Finished goods inventory

Finished goods inventory is maintained at a level equal to 10 percent of the next quarter's sales. Finished goods inventory at the end of the fourth quarter budget period is e


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