Find mean and standard deviation for population of products

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The production process is checked periodically by the quality control inspector. Inspector chooses simple random samples of 30 finished products and calculates sample mean product weights x. If test results over long period of time illustrate that 5% of x values are over 2.1 pounds and 5% are under 1.9 pounds, determine mean and standard deviation for population of products produced with this process?

Reference no: EM13110679

Examine results using more traditional split-plot method

Response being average of morning and evening speeds. At each interchange, three settings of traffic lights are allotted at random to three Tuesdays. Examine the results usi

Hypothesis test for difference of population difference

A presidential candidate's aide estimates that, among all college students, the proportion p who intend to vote in the upcoming election is at least 70%.

Statistics of plant heights

Heights were measured for a random sample of 20 plants grown while being treated with a particular nutrient. The sample mean and sample standard deviation of those height me

Null and alternative hypothesis for decade old study

A decade-old study found that the proportion of high school seniors who felt that "getting rich" was an important personal goal was 67%.

Description of hypothesis testing five step

According to the historical data, the life expectancy in the United States is equal to the life expectancy in Japan. A new study has been made to see whether this has change

Determine the value of test statistic z

Determine the value of test statistic z using z = ^p-P ^pq/n. Claim is that proportion of drowning deaths of children attributable to beaches is more than 0.25, and sample s

Determining z test for population mean

A researcher claims the average American drinks 52 gallons of cola per year with a population standard deviation of 2.0 gallons. We sample 25 random people and find the mean

Hypothesis testing five step approach

A medical researcher estimates that no more than 55% of U.S. adults eat breakfast every day. In a random sample of 250 U.S. adults, 56.4% say they eat breakfast every day.


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