Find loss incurred on all weather tire that exceeds value

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Assume that ACME tires sells t heir high performance tires for $220 each and their all weather tires for $140 each. Further assume that the cost of producing a high performance tire is $180 and the cost of producing an all wather tire is $125. Finally, assume tht if a tire does not last 40,000 miles, ACME tires will replace it free of charge to the consumer; ACME will incur the cost of replacement, but will not receive any additional revenue. What is the profit earned/loss incurred on an all weather tire that exceeds 40,000 miles?

Reference no: EM13128187

Study of the effect of a physician quality

Write up a brief description of the problem with the conclusion drawn from the hypothesis test. Note that the problem is not in the calculations--assume the calculations are

Hypothesis testing of employment

A University employment office wants to compare the time taken by graduates with 3 different majors to find their first jobs after graduation.

Determining automobile mileage ratings

In determining automobile mileage ratings, it was found that the mpg ( X ) for a certain model is normally distributed, with a mean of 30 mpg and a standard deviation of 1.5

Find the probability the assembly time is five minutes

A mean of 6.7 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. For a door selected at random, what is the probability the assembly time will be 5 minutes or less?

International challenge facing the united states today

Choose one domestic AND one international challenge facing the United States today. Discuss what they are, how they were created and how we will (if possible) resolve them.

Compute the n mean standard deviation confidence interval

Compute (by hand) the N, Mean, Standard Deviation, Confidence Interval, and Z score for the variables "company market rate" and "accounting rate" respectively in the AccRet

What factor do you need to increase your sample size

Suppose you want to decrease your margin of error by a factor of 6. By what factor do you need to increase your sample size? In other words, if you want to decrease your m

Probability an individual weighs

a. What is the probability an individual weighs more than 95Kg? b. The company has decided that the elevator will have a capacity of 5 people and a maximum load of 475 Kg. 


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