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Much has been said about competitive advantage gained from innovations such as the Internet, high-technology gadgets, and apps. The chapter points out, however, that low-technology innovations such as the razor—razorblade business model can also create value with incremental innovation. The chapter also noted that Dollar Shave Club (Strategy Highlight 7.1) is merely using a different business model to try to disrupt Gillette. Think of other low-technology innovations that are/were novel, useful, and successfully implemented so that the innovating firm gained a competitive advantage. Find information about the entrepreneurial story behind the innovation.

Reference no: EM132279964

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Illustrate the power of the “buzz” and “viral marketing” about products and/or services, which should include the positive and negative aspects of buzz marketing, as well as a

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How has Walmart invested in and assessed its corporate social responsibility? Where has the company invested? What assessment have they used to measure the effectiveness of th


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