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Much has been said about competitive advantage gained from innovations such as the Internet, high-technology gadgets, and apps. The chapter points out, however, that low-technology innovations such as the razor—razorblade business model can also create value with incremental innovation. The chapter also noted that Dollar Shave Club (Strategy Highlight 7.1) is merely using a different business model to try to disrupt Gillette. Think of other low-technology innovations that are/were novel, useful, and successfully implemented so that the innovating firm gained a competitive advantage. Find information about the entrepreneurial story behind the innovation.

Reference no: EM132279964

Describe pros and cons of outcome oriented culture

What are pros and cons of an outcome-oriented culture? Think about an organization you are familiar with. On the basis of the dimensions of OCP, how would you characterize its

Describe as stakeholders in a foreclousre law firm

Who would Identify and describe as stakeholders in a foreclousre law firm. How are members of the United States senate selected? How many senators represent California? How ma

Describe the six steps of market research

You want to buy a clothing boutique. Write a letter to the owner of the store expressing your interest and requesting the necessary information you need to make a decision. De

Describe the attributes of an effective strategist

Define the various classifications of stakeholders in a company and their role in strategic management decisions. Explain the connection between stakeholders and competitive a

Gifts and inheritances are excluded from gross income

Exclusions from gross income are the same as deductions from gross income. Gifts and inheritances are excluded from gross income. Interest on state and municipal bonds is incl

Effective organizational structure for your business type

What type of organizational structure most closely resembles your organization? Do you believe it to be an effective organizational structure for your business type? Why or wh

About government issued T-bills and munis

Learn more about government issued T-bills and munis. Would you invest in government issued T-bills? Why or why not? Are there specific munis you would or would not invest in?

Primary functions of human resources department

What are the primary functions of a human resources department in the 21st century? How can those human resources functions give a competitive advantage to an organization whe


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