Find at what height below the base the section

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Q. A hollow cone is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the upper portion is removed. if the volume of the frustum obtained is 26/27 of volume of the cone. find at what height above the base the section is made, if height of the cone is 30cm

Reference no: EM138536

What will the component mttf and median time to failure be

If a design life of 10 yr with a reliability of 0.99 is required, what should the system MTTF and median time to failure be? If each component has a CFR, what will the compo

What is the speed of the plane in calm air

It took a small plan 1 hour longer to fly 480 miles against the wind than it took the plane to fly the same distance with the wind. If the wind speed was 20 mph, then what i

Why does this not contradict rolle theorem

Let f(x) = |x|. Show that f(-1) = f(1), but there does not exist any c ∈ (-1, 1) such that f is differentiable at c and f'(c) = 0. Why does this not contradict Rolle's Theor

What is the likely direct of the fias

A random digit dialing telephone survey of 880 drivers asked, "Recalling the last ten traffic lights you drove through, how many of them were red when you entered the inters

Find a recurrence and a closed form for k-figurate number

Challenge: Consider the k-figurate numbers. The first k-figurate number can be represented by a dot; the second k-figurate number can be represented by k dots that represent

Conversion of fractions to decimal representation

State whether each of the following fraction is a terminating or repeating decimal. If the decimal terminates, state the number of decimal places and show how you decided.

Find the resultant force of the two trucks

One of the pickups pulls with a force of 2000 pounds and the other pulls with a force of 3000 pounds with an angle of 60° between them. With how much force must the monst

Probability using bayes theorem

Probability using Bayes theorem. An oil executive has determined that the probability that this oil field contains oil is 0.6. Before starting the drilling she decides to ord


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