Find at how many of the eruptions lasted in a range

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For a sample with n=36, the mean duration of a geyser is 3.55 minutes and the standard deviation is 0.63 mintues. Using chebychev's theory, determine at how many of the eruptions lasted between 2.29 and 4.81 mintues.

Reference no: EM13116813

Data to determine the important factors

A single replicate of a 24 Exercise 10.2 factorial is run. The results in standard order are 1.106, 2.295, 7.074, 6.931, 4.132, 2.148, 10.2, 10.12, 3.337, 1.827, 8.698, 6.25

How much better are workers at one plant compared to another

How much better are the workers at one plant compared to another? How much "better" is line 1 of variety A compared to line 2 of variety C?

Circuit with d flip-flops and and gates

Design the circuit with inputs Xa , X b , X c  , and Xd , reset L, clock C, and output U. Use a 1-hot code for the state assignment. Implement the circuit with D flip-flops an

The p-value corresponding to the observed

A study of the number of business lunches that executives in the insurance and banking industries claim as deductible expenses per month was based on random samples and yiel

Explain is it reasonable to use a binomial distribution

One variable recorded is the count X of finish defects (dimples, ripples, etc) in the car's paint. Is it reasonable to use a binomial distribution?

Find probability of getting at least boys among babies

Find the probability of getting at least 127 boys among 152 babies. Does the result suggest that the YSORT method is effective? Why or why not?

What is the standard deviation for costs for tires

Assuming a normal distribution, if 70 percent of the costs for tires is less than $171.00, what is the standard deviation? How is this calculated?

Find probability of selecting number divisible by thousand

A company has random drug test employee numbers range from 1 to6296. Find probability of selecting number less than 1000 and selecting a number divisible by 1000.


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