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Your process team has been requested to identify technology that would be beneficial to manufacturing and service operations clients (e.g., SBS Seating and MLD Hospital).

Consider the following:

SBS Seating manufactures leather seating that consists of various components, such as frames; electrical parts (heating and comfort features); padding; and leather sewing (final assembly). It currently uses basic accounting software and high-end manufacturing plant machinery in its operations.

MLD Hospital has little or no specific technology tools pertaining to inventory management.

Walton's Department Store: a growing retail concern that is interested in providing low cost products and is relying on technological innovation to optimize costs.

Your task is to research and identify appropriate tools for the clients listed above, developing a review of potential technologies (software and hardware) that may be appropriate for each industry area and client in particular.

The 3 clients represent 3 different industries: manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Explain how the technology requirements for SCM are the same and how they are different.

Research and identify a minimum of 2 appropriate software tools for each industry and client, explaining how each will support the business and which aspects of the business.

Research and identify one other nonsoftware technology that might be useful (e.g., robotics for manufacturing) to each industry, and describe how the technology will help optimize costs and efficiencies.

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