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Please solve the following problem in descriptive, show all work (step by step, pease!) and most importantly- include units!

Problem- An infinitely long cylinder of radius R has a uniform charge density distributed throughout the volume. You can either call this a uniform volume charge density ρ(C/m3) over differential piece of volume dV, or a constant linear charge density λ(C/m) with a constant charge over a circular cross-section of length dz. Outside of the cylinder a coaxial neutral conducting shell with inner radius Rin and outer radius rout encloses the cylinder.

For each of the subsequent, use Gauss's Law (possibly integrating the charge density) to find an expression for the electric field of

Part A- A distance r inside the charged cylinder

Part B- At a distance R < r < rin between the exterior of the charged cylinder and the interior surface of the neutral conducting shell

Part C- At a distance rin < r < rout actually inside the conductor.

Part D- At a distance r outside the exterior of the conducting shell

Part E- Graph E vs. r

I need experts help to compute the above problem.

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