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What methods do you generally use to find a speech or a writing topic? Do you have trouble deciding on a topic? Have you used any of the techniques discussed in this week's lesson, or do you plan to try one?

Reference no: EM132184034

Create a visual logic flow chart with four methods

Create a Visual Logic flow chart with four methods. Main method will create an array of 5 elements, then it will call a read method, a sort method and a print methodpassing

Network design and the location

Create an 150 word narrative. The diagram have 4 small office and data center. Showing the frequencies/channels that will be used for your network design and the location wh

Iris reviewed the scant stack of applications for the newly

Iris reviewed the scant stack of applications for the newly created security manager position and frowned. There should have been many more than just three applicants for

Explain the need for arrays in a program

You will code, build, and execute two programs requiring arrays and strings.  First program (Video Game Player Program): Determine the average score for a group of players

Protect planning-related information

To protect planning-related information from leaking outside Ken 7 Windows Limited domain, all ERP planning functions must require secure connections from the client's Web b

Designing an active directory infrastructure

What are some factors or requirements when designing an Active Directory Infrastructure? How do you gather the requirements for the design? Please explain in approximately i

Write a program that tracks an investment

Write a program that tracks an investment for 1 person based on the input of an interest rate.The initial balance should be $2,000. The interest should be added to the balan

Write program that reads in two floating-point numbers

Write a program that reads in two floating-point numbers and tests whether they are the same up to two decimal places. Here are two sample runs. Enter two floating-point num


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