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You have been introduced to ethics, social problems, and social policy. This assignment will prompt action from you to help resolve a social issue. You must learn about a problem, find a piece of legislation addressing your concern, and act to help solve the problem.

Using the textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, do the following:

1. Identify the Problem

Select and research a social issue based on the course readings or personal interest.

Then, address the following:

Define and describe the social issue in detail using a variety of relevant outside sources.

Explain the social context of the social issue.

Identify and describe ethical concerns related to the social issue.

Determine what population is most impacted by the social issue.

2. Find the Legislation

Use credible government sources to find and learn about a piece of legislation related to your chosen social problem or issue.

Then, address the following:

Explain how the piece of current legislation relates to the social problem or issue. Make sure you provide a description of the piece of legislation.

3. Write an Advocacy Letter

In order to help resolve the social issue, you must take action. Identify your elected representative(s) and find their contact and e-mail addresses.

Write an advocacy letter regarding the piece of legislation and your support of or opposition to it.

The purpose of an advocacy letter is to support or oppose the legislation that affects a social issue of concern to you. This letter is a way for representatives to stay in touch with the constituents they represent. The letter consists of a brief introduction identifying and addressing the social issue of concern (through personal experience, if applicable), an identification of the piece of current legislation that addresses your chosen issue, and your request advocating your representative to support or oppose the legislation.

Be sure to address the following in your letter:

Identify the purpose of your letter.

Identify House bill (HR) or Senate bill (S) number of the legislation.

Briefly summarize the social problem or issue.

Explain the importance of the legislation as it relates to your issue.

Advocate for or against the legislation in a knowledgeable and respectful tone. This includes the following: ?Evaluating the proposed impact of the legislation on target population

Proposing possible ways the legislation can influence the social problem or issue

Identify the Problem: Define and describe the social issue in detail using relevant outside sources.

Identify the Problem: Identify and describe ethical concerns and population(s) most impacted by this social issue.

Finding the Legislation: Explain piece of current legislation related to social problem/issue and evaluate legislation related to social problem or issue. 

Advocacy Letter: Identify purpose of your letter, as well as, the House bill (HR) or Senate bill (S) number of legislation.

Advocacy Letter: Analyze the importance of legislation related to problem or issue.

Advocacy Letter: Advocate for or against legislation in knowledgeable and respectable tone. 

Reference no: EM13315056

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