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Pollutants have been defined as toxic chemicals which invade or are released into our environment. Find a news article describing a case of pollution. From your readings in the book and your article (and additional readings), describe what harmful levels of this pollutant would be for humans, how we would regulate and test for the levels of this pollutant, and describe 2 additional routes of possible exposures for your pollutant.

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Reference no: EM13665291

How many grams of kcl needed to make volume of buffer

Hill buffer is a solution of 0.4 M K2HPO4 made up in 0.08M KCl. We needed 2500 mL for the week. Show your work. a.) How many grams of KCl (FW = 74.551) were needed to make t

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The restriction enzyme NiaIV cleaves the recognition sequencesGGNNCC between the 2 N’s (N stands for any nucleotide). How many NIaIV cutting sites arepossible? How many of t

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What responsibilities do we, as humans, have to other species? How do the extinctions of other creatures affect humans directly and indirectly? Should people give up gains in

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New findings indicate that mutations outside of genes may cause disease. Such as in some cases of Hirshsprung disease and multiple endocrine neoplasia. Explain how such a mu

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Drug advertising is so common that many patients today have already self-diagnosed their symptoms by consulting "Dr. Google" and have already selected the medication they

Aphids can reproduce sexually and asexually

Aphids can reproduce sexually and asexually. Females reproduce by themselves and give birth to live females in summer. They also reproduce sexually and lay eggs that surv

Make up an operon, the regulatory proteins

Need a 150 word essay: This should be fictional and you can invent your own bacterial species. 1. Make up an operon, the regulatory proteins, the cellular process and the mole

Describe the function of the cardiovascular system

Describe the function of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system and how they work together. Describe how the cardiovascular system adjusts to meet the demands of


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