Financial meltdown associated with subprime mortgage lending

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During the recession of 2008–2009, many workers who lost their jobs were unable to afford to move to a new job in a new city and pay rent or buy another home because they could not sell the home they were in that still had mortgages. This was because of the crash of the housing market caused by the financial meltdown associated with subprime mortgage lending. What effect would you expect this to have on the natural unemployment rate?

Reference no: EM131076636

Contributed to current us net direct investment position

Explain the underlying basis for foreign direct investment, and discuss several factors that may contribute to it. What factors have likely contributed to the current U.S. net

Affect the consumer price index

In October 2011, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, which had new features, including camera and voice control, but sold at the same price as the previous iPhone model. How did t

Final goods and services produced

Suppose that the total market value of all the final goods and services produced in the country of GDPLAND is $34 billion in 2008 ( measured in 2008 prices ) and $36 billion

Optimistic conclusion-right legal and procedural safeguards

In "In Praise of Big Brother" (pp. 203-215), James Stacey Taylor argues for the optimistic conclusion that, with the right legal and procedural safeguards, large-scale governa

What differences among productive and allocative efficiency

What are the differences among productive and allocative efficiency. What conditions must be present for productive and allocative efficiency to be achieved in the 'real' wo

Liberal economics and conservative economics

Distinguish between liberal economics and conservative economics. Why is macroeconomics an inherently political subject? Summarize the problems that can be created by rapid in

Why is the news bad for tomato lovers

Frigid Florida Winter is Bad News for Tomato b Lovers An unusually cold January in Florida destroyed entire fields of tomatoes and forced many farmers to delay their harvest.

Experience with measurements in your organization-business

Discuss your experience with measurements in your organization or business? Do you find some to be more or less useful than others? Do you know what the measurements are reall


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