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Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel 7th Edition

Internet Problem 1

  1. Go to and download Microsoft's annual income statements from 1994 to the most recent year available. There is a direct link to the Excel file on that page.
  2. Reformat the worksheet so that it is suitable for a pivot table. This will require changing the year headings to actual dates, deleting any blank rows or columns, and then transposing the data.
  3. Create a pivot table that shows the net profit margin for each year and format it appropriately. This will require you to create a calculated field.
  4. Add a pivot chart that displays the results from part b over time.
  5. Filter the dates so that only the last five years area displayed in the pivot table and pivot chart. This will require a custom date filter using this "is after or equal to" option.
  6. How does Microsoft's net profit margin compare to the average of the company's in the S&P 500 Index? (  Hint: Use the date file from problem 5 to calculate this answer using the S&P 500 company date.xlsx workbook from the official website.)

 Please use a compatible excel workbook and include and linked formulas for each cell.

Reference no: EM131478504

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