Final concentration of dntps in the reaction cocktail

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You have a stock solution of dNTPs for PCR at a concentration of 7 mM. You add 2 µl of dNTPs stock to your PCR reaction cocktail which has a final volume of 55 µl. What is the final concentration of dNTPs in the reaction cocktail? Round to the nearest hundredth.

Reference no: EM132280292

Determine the genotypes of the parents and progeny

In   Drosophila  ebony body color and being eyeless are both autosomal recessive traits. An ebony fly is mated with an eyeless fly & F 1   are all wild type.

Physician would hear in herstethoscope

Hans had had a strep throat two weeks before he was to start anew job. He had to complete some work before he could resign fromhis old position so he ignored the bacterial i

What could be happening to george

What could be happening to George? How should he be treated? Based on what you've learned thus far, what could George have done to help prevent this situation? What factors

Description of current problem

Description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring a change. Hint: If you are proposing a change in current policy, process, or procedure(s) when delivering patient

Physician admitting diagnosis

An elderly patient was admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Department after being found unconscious at home. The physician's admitting diagnosis was possible CVA.

Leadership and health service workforce issues

For this assignment you are required to identify, critically analyse and address two of the leadership and health service workforce issues that commonly exist in healthcare

Implement the model sustained virology response

A. Successful HCV treatment also called sustained virology response (SVR) is defined as a patient's viral load below the lower limit of quantification at a follow-up evaluat

A 20 year old pregnant black hispanic female presented

A 20 year old pregnant Black Hispanic female presented to the Emergency department in critical condition following a single vehicle car accident. She showed signs and manifest


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