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Prepare a plan for a 45-minute lesson on vocabulary of character traits. You have a class of 60 students of different levels. Think how you will generate and sustain student interest, how you will group the students and how you will cater for different learner levels. Note: you need to focus on familiarising your class with character/personality traits such as honest, stubborn or level-headed, not moods and feelings such as happy or sad. (Include the full list of words you plan to teach under 'Target language'). When considering presentation techniques bear in mind that the target vocabulary is non-visual (i.e. you cannot draw 'honest', etc). Remind yourself of the rules of lesson planning and include the following information: 
•Target language 
•Assumed knowledge 
•Anticipated problems 
•Preparations and aids 
Then write a step-by-step lesson plan including timing and interaction for each stage. 

Reference no: EM13122801

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