Feedstock-feed production

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An animal feedstock is to be prepared using the residual seedcake from two oilseeds after the oil has been extracted. Oilcake-1 contains 30% protein and 70% carbohydrate and oilcake-2 contains 65% protein and 35% carbohydrate. A blender is charged with a batch containing 500 kg of oilcake 1 and 200 kg of oilcake 2. Draw a block diagram of the process and a mass balance table for the blending operation. What is the composition of the blended feed?

Feedstock-Feed Production

It is desired to produce a feed containing 64% carbohydrate and 36% protein from the two oilseeds in Feedstock problem above. A blender capable of processing 1200 kg batches is available, how much of each oilcake is needed per batch? If each batch takes 25 min (including loading and unloading), how many tones of product can be produced during an 8 hr working day?

Reference no: EM131439776

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