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Many administrative agencies. such at the Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service, have the power to promulgate regulations that have the force of law, to conduct investigations of potential violations of those reglations, to bring charges against people for allegedly violating the regulations, and to try the cases in their own administrative law courts presided over by administrative law judges who are agency employees. Does this fit in with the Constitutional principle of separation of powers? What safeguards, if any, are advisable to protect individual rights?

Reference no: EM131159358

Go global by means of e-commerce

Suppose that you are the CEO of an organization that intends to "go global" by means of e-commerce in the next three years. What are the most difficult problems that you shoul

Determine best way to allocate monthly advertising budget

The Sea Wharf Restaurant would like to determine the best way to allocate a monthly advertising budget of $1000 between newspaper advertising and radio advertising. Management

Benefits of employee development programs

What are some of the benefits of Employee Development Programs? Have you participated in an employee development program? If so, was it beneficial to you and in what way? If n

Alternate work arrangements include flextime-job sharing

Alternate work arrangements include flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting. Define (1) flextime, (2) telecommuting, and (3) job-sharing. (4) Discuss which, IN YOUR OWN OPINI

Gasoline product to two distribution terminals

Three refineries send a gasoline product to two distribution terminals through a pipeline network. Any demand that cannot be satisfied through the network is acquired from oth

Specific challenges to working in multidisciplinary team

From readings in your textbook along with one outside reference, identify at least three specific challenges to working in a multidisciplinary team. How might these problems g

Organizational approaches to financial management

List 2-3 advantages and challenges for the following (3) organizational approaches to financial management using operations management tools: A centralized department that has

Determine the best transportation schedule for the data

The Saussy Lumber Company ships pine flooring to three building supply houses from its mills in Pineville, Oak Ridge, and Mapletown. Determine the best transportation schedule


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