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Congress passed the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970 which established job safety standards. Nebraska then passed its own statute, which had slightly more lenient standards. Nebraska employers are only held to the state standards unless they are involved in interstate commerce. Is this true or false and why?

Reference no: EM131129942

What is projected about the future need for LTC services

What is projected about the future need for LTC services and how will we pay for it? Explain the relative emphasis that would be placed on advertising or personal selling to a

What are the key or primary union issues

Consolidated Stores is undergoing a unionization campaign. Prior to the union election, management states that the union is unnecessary to protect workers. Management also pro

What strategies can leaders employ to cultivate tolerance

Evaluate the benefits of a leader who has developed the skill of cross-cultural communication. Explain what knowledge is required for a person to increase his/her understand

What were some of the issues with respect to communication

Identify an example of a successful team experience and one that was less than successful. What were some of the issues with respect to communication and based on this experie

How many copies should the company ship from each warehouse

A publisher has orders for 600 copies of a certain text from San Francisco, 300 copies from San Jose, and 400 copies from Sacramento. The company has 700 copies in a warehouse

HR do to ensure a harmonious work environment

Imagine you are partnering with a progressive Middle Eastern country. In this country, there is very little separation between a worker’s religious beliefs, family, and work.

Interested in understanding what the supermarkets image

A local supermarkets management is interested in understanding what the supermarkets image is in a particular market. Cashiers drop a short questionnaire into the grocery ba

Determine the three sigma control limits

Jim's Outfitters, Inc., makes custom fancy shirts for cowboys. The shirts could be flawed in various ways, including flaws in the weave or color of the fabric, loose buttons o


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