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Medicaid is a state-operated program funded in part by federal funds and in part by state funds.

On the basis of your understanding of the statement, answer the following questions:

  • Why was Medicaid but not Medicare designed to be state operated?
  • What factors prove that Medicaid program is being operated by the state?
  • Conduct an analysis of the Medicaid program of your state and another state from a different region of the country.
  • What are the main similarities and differences between the two programs?
  • Are there enough differences to prove that the state and not the federal government operate Medicaid? Discuss.

As a government program, Medicaid has recently been subject to cuts and last minute increases in funding.

Note: Present your answers in the context of Medicaid payment and reimbursement policies.

  • Why is Medicaid subject to seemingly constant cutbacks?
  • Are these cutbacks due to the relationships between the state and federal governments and the populations being served, or just the rising cost of healthcare in general? Discuss.

Medicaid is an entitlement program that provides healthcare coverage to a variety of low income individuals.

  • Identify three beneficiary groups receiving care through Medicaid.
    • Analyze the federal eligibility requirements for each group.
    • Discuss the coverage provisions for each group.
    • Evaluate the anticipated impact of the PPACA on each beneficiary group.

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