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a) What is health surveillance and which other health monitoring procedures that do not form part of this process?

b) What do you understand by biological monitoring and in which situations is it particularly useful?

c) List five substances hazardous to health that will require the need for carrying biological monitoring at the workplace and what particular test exposed employees have to undergo in each case

d) How can the amount of chemicals absorbed into the body be measured?


Asbestos is a Greek word meaning "Indestructible".

a) Name the two main groups of asbestos fibres and specify their particular characteristics by giving a widely used example in each group

b) Where can we find asbestos containing materials (ACM) in buildings? Illustrate your answer by giving five examples

c) What kind of filters are effectively used during asbestos removal?

d) Briefly Explain three adverse health effects that workers may suffer from inhalation of asbestos fibres.

e) Why does the Health & Safety Executive in UK not advocate routine X-ray examinations for employees who have had an inadvertent exposure to asbestos?


Section 82 of the OSHA 2005 stipulates that an employer should provide employees with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect them from risk of bodily injury.

a) Where do you rank the use of PPE in the hierarchy of control in Industrial Hygiene and explain the reason behind it?

b) How far does this apply to employees working a confined space? Briefly outline the conditions prevailing in a confined space.

c) Why do employers have to set out procedures for the selection, issue and use of PPE to employees?

d) List five main features that should be included in a successful user training programme at work.

e) Why is the selection of respiratory protective equipment most critical?


Reference no: EM132407

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