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Resources: Hospitality Information Technology Matrix Worksheet and the Changing Role of Hospitality IT Essay

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that continues the analysis of the hospitality IT application you chose from the Week One individual assignment.

· Begin by briefly identifying how the application is used by the four business functions-Operations, Marketing, Accounting, and Human Resources.

· Explain how the application is integrated into the property management systems, global distribution systems, or other property- or company-wide systems within the four business functions. If it is not integrated into a property- or company-wide IT system, explain the reasons why not, such as cost or technology, and list competitive advantages gained by integration.

· What are the features and benefits of internal property management systems versus external global distribution systems? How do they compare? Which one offers the best overall competitive advantage?

Reference no: EM13750909

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