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Assume that Microsoft currently sells for $150. Your brother works for Microsoft and owns American call options with an exercise price of $100. The options expire one year from now. Assume the the annually compounded interest rate is 2% per annum and that Microsoft does not pay dividends.

Your brother wants to exercise his options immediately because he fears the price of Microsoft stock will fall. Explain to him why this is a bad idea by explaining what steps he should do instead. Go through the two possible scenarios at expiration, where Microsoft stock is above or below $100.

Reference no: EM132185067

Globalization and international investing

Provide your opinion on whether average investors should or should not include investments from other countries in their portfolio. Support your opinion with an example.

Concern regarding royalty income

What is a potential concern regarding royalty income from a retiring musician that may need to be addressed? What investment class (equity, fixed income, real estate etc.) do

Should the company take this special order

If a computer manufacturer offers to buy 200,000 units of Blue-Ray drive for $2 million on a one-time special order. Assume that ABC  Electronics has enough manufacturing ca

Calculation of after tax return

The Omega Company has some excess cash that it would like to invest in marketable securities for a long-term hold. Its vice-president of finance is planning three investments

What short-term bank credit is an excellent way of financing

From the banker's point of view, short-term bank credit is an excellent way of financing. Cash balances are usually determined by the amount of cash flowing through the firm o

What weight should be assigned to the preferred stock

The firm also has 2,500 bonds outstanding that are currently selling at par. Each bond has a $1,000 face value. What weight should be assigned to the preferred stock when co

What is the advantage of using multiple measures

What is the advantage of using multiple measures for a single variable? What is the disadvantage?- Briefly explain how a ceiling effect can affect the outcome of a research st

Compute avoidable interest for sage company

Compute avoidable interest for Sage Company. Use the weighted-average interest rate for interest capitalization purposes. (Round percentages to 2 decimal places, e.g. 2.51%


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