Fatherless girls and their social demise

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One research paper of a minimum of 5-7 typed pages (12 font, double-spaced, APA format, not including title page and reference page). The paper will be on a sociological issue with prior approval from the instructor. You will be using a sociological perspective (theory) to analyze your chosen topic. You will conduct library research using the Sociology LibGuide. The following timelines must be followed: 

a. January 12, 2015 (Module 2): Your topic, including the thesis statement, must be submitted for approval. (5 points) 

b. January 26, 2015 (Module 4): At least five scholarly sources/articles which are directly related to your topic must be submitted to the professor. Please use APA style when completing this reference page (10 points).

Thesis & Topic 

Fatherless Girls and their Social Demise 
Girls and young women who have unstable father figures are more liable to have 
un-planned pregnancy, poor school attendance and high risks of poverty. Lack of stable household and patriarchal figure deem to cause many of these young women down a road of social un-aceptance. 
with At least five scholarly sources/articles 

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Reference no: EM13666256

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