Famous person diagnostic paper
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Famous Person Diagnostic Paper

This project will be a 6–8 page paper in APA format. You will select a famous person (by reading a biography or viewing a movie) to complete a case study and a diagnosis. The person cannot be fictitious, such as Forest Gump or Mary Poppins, although the person could be an actor in a film.

This assignment in no way suggests that you have the education or training to complete such a task in the real world. Moreover, it does not imply that your chosen person truly has the diagnosis and/or has consented to treatment. Therefore, you must write a disclaimer at the beginning of your paper to demonstrate an awareness of ethical practice. You must include citations from your course text and materials in addition to professional resources from the UMUC library.

Please provide the following in your paper:

Cover sheet: Provide the ethical disclaimer here.

Background information: Give the background information of your subject (age, culture, gender, history, etc.) Discuss relevant socio-cultural aspects of his or her life—for example, possible historical influences (e.g., World War II). Discuss these with a focus on etiology.

Diagnostic information: Provide a possible diagnosis out of all the diagnoses in the text (using books and journals for reference). Discuss bias, assumptions, confounds, and so forth.

Compare and contrast of at least two theoretical orientations: Find at least two empirical supports for your diagnosis and evaluate them against each other (find these in professional journals from the UMUC library).

Summary and conclusions: Here, provide a synthesis of data and your conclusions based on a close analysis of the case.

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