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A regional survey found that 70% of all families who indicated an intention to buy a new car bought a new car within 3 months, that 10% of families who did not indicate an intention to buy a new car bought one within 3 months, and that 22% indicated an intention to buy a new car. If a family chosen at random bought a car, find the probability that the family had not previously indicated an intention to buy a car.

Reference no: EM131004142

Problem regarding the intermediate accounting

After working for a large accounting firm, Lisa Ingram considered several different business opportunities but finally settled on establishing a "consignment" clothing store

Net cash flow from operating activities

Net cash flow from operating activities may be reported indirectly by removing the effects of certain items from net income. Which of the following requires an adjustment fo

Taxable gain recognizing from the sale

Three years after the contribution date, the land contributed by Cheryl is sold by the partnership to a third party for $90,000. How much taxable gain will Cheryl recognize

Net present value of the proposed project

The company requires a minimum pretax return of 13% on all investment projects. The net present value of the proposed project is closest to:

Determine george cost recovery deduction

George purchases used office furniture (seven-year class property) at a cost of $50,000 on April 20, 2009. Determine George's cost recovery deduction for 2009 for alternativ

Analyses the potential acquisition of steel pty

You have been asked by your audit client, Bolts Ltd (Bolts), to prepare a report that analyses the potential acquisition of Steel Pty Ltd (Steel). Prior to conducting your a

Variable cost per unit for company

Assume that at the high point month of producing the most of production during a five month time period 50,000 units were produced at a cost of 550,000 and the low point mon

What is online sales system

What is online sales system, differentiate between physical based and non physical based online sales system - list at least FIVE components of online sales system and brief e


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