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A. Select three of the domains from Porter's Five Forces Model (risk of entry by potential competitors, rivalry among established firms, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and substitute products) and identify three factors within the industry of Indiana Wesleyan University's MBA program.

b. Which one of Porter's five domains will likely impact the Indiana Wesleyan University MBA program the most and why?

c. Look at the company where you work today, which one of Porter's Five Forces Model domains will likely impact your company and why?

d. In your replies, reflect on the suggestions made on the trends and forces that could affect the Indiana Wesleyan University MBA program the most made by other students.

Let me know if you help with this as it pertains to my college and my work. I am getting my graduate degree and I''m sure all colleges are the same. I work at United Parcel Service which is a shipping giant like FedX.

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Reference no: EM13669192

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