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About 80% of the U.S. federal money that could have been spent on the project could alternatively have been used to improve the subway system. Is this fact relevant for estimating the net benefit of the project? If your answer is yes, compare a reasonable estimate of the net benefit of the MO project when the federal money could be used in this alternative way to the net benefit of the MO project if the federal money could only be used for highway construction. If your answer is no, explain why the possible alternative use of the funds is irrelevant.

Reference no: EM131098344

Calculate the price elasticity of demand for newtons donuts

Where Qx represents thousands of donuts; Px is the price per donut; Py is the average price per donut of other brands of donuts; and Ax represents thousands of dollars spent o

Determine the value of total profit at maximum output level

Given the following total profit function: π = 144X - 3X^2 - XY -2Y^2 + 120Y -35 1. Determine the level of output of each commodity at which the firm maximizes its total profi

Compare the steady-state levels of output per worker

Consider two countries that are otherwise identical (have the same saving rates and depreciation rates), but the population of Country Large is 100 million, while the populati

Elasticity-oligopoly-coalitions-cartels and game theory

Please post an article about why the oil prices decreased in the last couple of years. You should write a short paragraph explaining what you found interesting in the article

Should the government consider subsidizing lojack purchases

The LoJack car recovery system allows the police to track stolen cars. As a result, they not only recover 90 percent of LoJack-equipped cars that are stolen but also arrest ma

How does the market arrive at an equilibrium

What determines market prices, assuming a competitive market and there are no artificial restrictions in the market? How does the market arrive at an equilibrium?

Identify key stakeholders that new vision and mission

The company is Target Inc suggest a new vision and mission statement Identify key stakeholders that the new vision and mission will need to be communicated to. Support your ch

Bank of england monetary policy

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England.Now that the referendum has passed the Governor has made additional public statements that hint at Bank of England monetary policy


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