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Fact Opinion 1

Which sentence is a statement of opinion?

1. Only 80,000 tons of freight reached New Orleans from the interior in 1816 and 1817.

2. Later, in 1840 and 1841, more than 542,000 tons of freight were transported.

3. Upriver traffic was affected even more spectacularly.

4. Around 1818, coffee cost 16 cents a pound more in Cincinnati than in New Orleans, a decade later less than 3 cents more.

Fact Opinion 2

Which sentence is a statement of opinion?

1. The modern science of genetics began in the 1860s when an Augustinian monk named Gregor Mendel discovered the fundamental principles of genetics by breeding garden peas.

2. Mendel lived and worked in an abbey in Brunn, Austria.

3. Mendel probably chose to study garden peas because they were easy to grow and available in many readily distinguishable varieties.

4. In a paper published in 1866, Mendel correctly argued that parents pass on to their offspring discrete heritable factors.

Fact Opinion 3

“Ignorance of African geography and environment has contributed greatly to the prevailing misconceptions about African culture and history.” (lines 1-2)This sentence is a statement of 1. fact. 2. opinion.

Fact Opinion 4

“Mosquitoes transmit malaria and yellow fever, and the tsetse fly is a carrier of sleeping sickness to which both humans and animals such as horses and cattle are susceptible.” (lines 15-18) This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. opinion

Fact Opinion 5

“Many Americans, for instance, have thought of the continent as an immense jungle.’” (lines 2-3) This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. opinion

Fact Opinion 6

“In California, 25 percent of the votes cast currently come in via the post office.” (lines 15-16) This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. opinion

Fact Opinion 7

“If everyone votes electronically in the convenience of his or her home, the sense of community on election day may be lost, which could lead to lower turnout.” (lines 23-25)This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. Opinion

Fact Opinion 8

“If people can register by computer, the next step is naturally voting by e-mail.” (line 12) This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. opinion

Fact Opinion 9

The National Mail Voter Registration Form is available to download on the Federal Election Commission website. (lines 4-5) This sentence is a statement of 1. fact 2. Opinion

Fact Opinion 10

Which sentence is a statement of opinion?

1. The United States has had a volunteer force since 1973.

2. In 1980, Congress reinstated registration for men only, a policy that was not universally popular.

3. These men argued that the registration requirement was gender-based discrimination that violated the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment.

4. The Supreme Court ruled in 1981 in Rostker v. Goldberg that male-only registration did not violate the Fifth Amendment.

Reference no: EM13152386

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