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There was an extraordinarily hardworking individual who has faced unimaginable obstacles in his life, but still carry on persisting to support his family and motivate his community. He survived the cambodian genocide. He received his education in a different system where to be successful one has to bribe the corrupt officials. He has dedicated his whole life to give back to his society. Recent studies and research have proved that there is a connection between role model and higher level of public commitment in younger generation. Positive role models are also connected to self-efficacy, the ability to believe in you.

Reflect on the success story and identify one or two challenges that your role model may have encountered prior to accomplishing his or her "success story".

Identify two reasons why your role model may have been successful despite the potential challenges that you identified.

Discuss how you might use your insights about your role model's "success story" to enhance your future career as a healthcare manager.

Reference no: EM132233607

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