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Total Value Stream Lead TIme

To determine total value streamlead time the team turns to the current state map to use how long it takes for material to flow through the process once an order was released to the production floor. here are the times which coincidentallycorrespond to the number of days of wip between the operations:

5 days prior to machining, 10 days between machining and deburring, 7 days between deburring and crimping, 4 days between crimping and testing, 4 days between testing and marking, 4 days between marking and shipping.

5+10+7+4+4+4=34 days

a total value stream lead time of 34 days means that it takes at least this long to complete a customer order . in order words the manufacturing lead time is close to seven five day work weeks .given that the value adding time or total value stream cycle time is just 170 seconds. the team realizes that the opportunity for improvement is tremendous.

a) the total value stream cycle time or the value adding time is 170 seconds. yet the lead time through the value stream is 34 days. Why?

b) how might you gain extra capacity without additional capital investment.?

Reference no: EM132234295

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