Extinct relatives of seedless vascular plants

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The Carboniferous swamps were dominated by many extinct relatives of seedless vascular plants. Surviving taxa of these groups are rather small in size compared to their gigantic relatives. Hypothesize about 2 factors that could explain why these plants no longer dominate the flora today.

Reference no: EM131437370

Demonstrate your understanding of linkage disequilibrium

The evolution of organisms is not as simple as the single locus models used to define basic theory. Models that describe two locus evolution, and the correlation among these

Cardiovascular system problems causing the illness

He also stated that he had a reasonable breakfast and was well-hydrated that morning. The EMT decides to test your knowledge of anatomy and physiology by asking you what may

Soluble cytosolic proteins and transmembrance proteins

Explain the difference in the 3D structure and amino acid distribution between soluble cytosolic proteins and transmembrance proteins (proteins spanning the plasma membrane of

What is her diagnosis

A women is perspiring profusely with rapid breathing, breath smells like acetone and blood sugar is 650mg/ml, blood chemistry indicates acidosis, what is her diagnosis, is it

Are there any concerns or negative impacts associated

Research how a SPECIFIC biotechnology application within the above GENERAL examples (or ones not listed above) is used today. Example: Insulin production in bacteria is an e

How to interpret experiment in terms of the checkpoint

Two types of signals have been implicated in metaphase checkpoint arrest. Consider the results of a recent experiment in which the unattached kinetochore of a monoattached c

Select a publicly traded company to research and evaluate

Select a publicly traded company to research and evaluate its Human Resource (HR) and business strategy, HR department job positions, and ways it markets its company regarding

How does compare to the size of our galaxy, the milky way

The diploid genome in a human somatic cell consists of approximately 6 billion base pairs. (a) If you connected all the chromosomes end-to-end, how long is the DNA in each c


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