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Obviously, there are trends, issues, etc. in the external environment (economic, demographic, sociocultural, political/legal/regulatory and technological) for your organization? Give us an example of an external factor that is either an opportunity or threat for any firm you would like to give an example of. What strategy is that organization using to capitalize on the opportunity or block the threat?

Reference no: EM13905565

Analyze the five business-level strategies

Business-Level Strategy Analyze the five business-level strategies discussed in Chapter 4 to determine which strategy the company you researched most likely applies. Determine

What is the break-even point for each oven

Janelle Heinke, the owner of Ha'Peppas!, is considering a new oven in which to bake the firm's signature dish, vegetarian pizza. What is the break-even point for each oven

Used in procurement of projects

What are four tools and techniques that could be used in procurement of projects and how and when should they be used? What are three risks of not including best HR practices

Think helped to shape this organizations culture

Managers are affected by the organizational environment, and help to create it. Their role is instrumental in a successful organizational culture. In this week’s class discuss

Competitive advantage through information technology

What are some management characteristics that help a company maintain competitive advantage through Information Technology and how an organization has or can improve its IT Sy

Describe the duties of each major head within organization

Provide a detailed summary of your hospital’s organizational structure. Include a tabulated description of the levels of professionals within the organization. Describe the du

Organizational factors that stimulate political behavior

Reflect on the individual and organizational factors that stimulate political behavior. Do you think political behavior is necessary in organizations today? Explain your answe

How many tires should rocky mountains tire order

Rocky Mountain Tire center 11,000 go-cart tires per year. The ordering cost for each order is $40, and the holding cost is 50% of the purchase price of the tires per year. how


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