External and internal issues facing microsoft corporation

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Three previous organization papers on Microsoft Corporation have established the good foundation for you to complete final project. Though three papers form good foundation for final project, avoid temptation to merely cut and paste documents and think that assignment is complete. Read guideline questions carefully and write final paper On Microsoft Corporation using first three papers as foundational material. You must draw on your previous work.

Use knowledge you have obtained in this course and in previous written assignments to consider strategic, organizational, individual performance, business process, culture, change management, and leadership issues faced by Microsoft Corporation.
Reply the following questions:

1. Explain the mission of Microsoft Corporation ?

2. Write down the external and internal issues facing Microsoft Corporation?

3. Explain the vision Of Microsoft Corporation for next five years?

4. What changes should you make to get the vision in Microsoft Corporation?

5. How will you manage change process in Microsoft Corporation?

In addition, you must specifically incorporate into final project any ways in which you believe Christian principles and worldview are suitable to organizational change and development, and how they must be included into your suggestions, together with your justification for this belief.

Reference no: EM13102347

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