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Firm Z is evaluating a proposal to extend credit to a group of new customers. The new customers will generate an average of $90,000 per day in new sales. On average, they will pay in 30 days. The variable cost ratio (i.e., COGS) is 80% of sales, collection expenses are 5% of sales, and the discount rate is 8%. Assume that the variable cost occur upfront while collection cost occur on the date in which the customer's payment is received. What is the NPV of one day's sales if Firm C grants credit. Assume there is no bad debt loss.

Reference no: EM132234956

What is the value of a sux month put option on the index

The risk free rate is 8% and the dividend yield on the index is 3%. What is the value of a sux month put option on the index with a strike price of 300 if it is a) European

Weights for the weighted average cost of capital

The comptroller currently finds the weights for the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) from information from the balance sheet shown in Table 2. Compute the book value

Can abc enforce its security interest even though the collat

Scenario:The Whites, Carole and Jim, owned DiWine, Inc., a wine shop. The Whites needed money for the business, and borrowed money from ABC Bank (ABC). They personally and on

Statements best describes the transaction

Question 1: You recently sold 100 shares of your new company, XYZ Corporation, to your brother at a family reunion. At the reunion your brother gave you a check for the sto

Payment on a house

Jeremy Denham plans to save $4,896 every year for the next eight years, starting today. At the end of eight years, Jeremy will turn 30 years old and plans to use his savings

What is macleod weighted average cost of captial

The corporate tax rate is 30%, and the target (or optimal) capital structure is 25% debt, 10% preferred stock, and 65% common stock. What is MacLeod's weighted average cost

Excess reserves in the financial system

Suppose there is $400 billion of currency in circulation in the economy outside the banking system, that depository institutions in the economy have $800 billion in checkable

Calculate the price of a share

You are given the following data: Stockholders' equity $3.75 billion, price or earnings ratio 3.5, common shares outstanding fifty million, and market or book ratio 1.9.


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