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Boiler tubes exposed to the products of coal combustion in a power plant are subject to fouling by the ash (min- eral) content of the combustion gas. The ash forms a solid deposit on the tube outer surface, which reduces heat transfer to a pressurized water/steam mixture flowing through the tubes. Consider a thin-walled boiler tube (Dt = 0.05 m) whose surface is maintained at Tt = 600 K by the boiling process. Combustion gases flowing over the tube at Too = 1800 K provide a convection coefficient of h = 100 W/m2 · K, while radiation from the gas and boiler walls to the tube may be approximated as that originating from large surroundings at Tsur = 1500 K.

Explore the effect of variations in Dd and h on q', as well as on relative contributions of convection and radiation to the net heat transfer rate. Represent your results graphically.

Reference no: EM13942387

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A simple ideal Brayton cycle has a pressure ratio of 6. The working fluid enters the compressor at a pressure of 100 kPa and a temperature of 300 K. The temperature at the end

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1. A long, circular aluminum rod is attached at one end to a heated wall and transfers heat by convection to a cold fluid. (a) If the diameter of the rod is tripled, by how mu

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An insulated rigid tank contains a saturated liquid-vapor mix of water initially at a pressure of 100 kPa. The mass of the mixture is 5 kg, but only 75.6 % of the total mass i

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The result for Problem 9.12 predicts that the average velocity for turbulent flow will be found at a distance of 0.216r 0 from the wall of the pipe. Compute this distance fo

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Calculate the partition function in closed form, under the assumption that the molecule is much smaller than the box it is in. That is, let the limits on the integral over t


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