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Explore project management software on vendors' websites. Select a single project management pack- age, download the demo, and try it. Make a list of the important features of the package. Be sure to investigate its cloud and collaboration features. Report your findings.

Reference no: EM131128486

Using licensing as market entry tool

What are the advantages and disadvantages or using licensing as a market entry tool? Give examples of companies from different countries that use licensing as a global marketi

Compute the average-minimum and maximum monthly cost

The Stereo Warehouse in Georgetown sells stereo sets, which it orders from Fuji Electronics in Japan. Because of shipping and handling costs, each order must be for five stere

Effect of practice on profession-what about engineering

When most people think of the effect of practice on profession, they may first think of law, medicine, or teaching. What about engineering? How much thought have you given to

Emphasis on reforms of their corporate governance structures

Many developed countries are currently placing emphasis on reforms of their Corporate Governance structures. In the USA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has been enacted. Discuss the s

Maximum level of international activity on the continuum

The maximum level of international activity on the continuum of international involvement is a transnational organization. Recently, investments by foreign countries in the Un

Illustrate what mode of transport do you recommend for each

Safety inventory of coal also MRO materials is kept at twice the consumption during the lead time of supply. Illustrate what mode of transport do you recommend for each of t

Role-play either union organizer or management representive

The case presents a situation in which you can role-play either a union organizer or a management representative. Regardless of the role you select, you will need to consider

Overcompensated for foolish spending

The opening scenario presented the true story of a man who paid a great deal of money for Plymouth Prowler. Do you agree with the court’s decision to award him nearly $30,000


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