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For this writing assignment, you will explore how video games are being used by the medical community.

Video games (both online and apps) are a source of entertainment for individuals and groups of people. They are also big business for the gaming industry. However, video games are not just being used for entertainment. Health professionals and researchers are designing games to help with medical conditions, for example, for recovering stroke patients and patients rehabilitating after accidents.

In this assignment, you will explore and report on four areas:

1. You will research the differenttypes of health conditions that are using video games and what these games are designed to help.

2. You need to report on the different input and outputtechniques that have been shown to beappropriate to help such conditions. For example, usinggestures for input has shown to help with mobility issues forsome senior citizens. Give concrete examples from the research.

3. You will report on the effectiveness of these therapeutic approaches. Which approaches have been found to be successful, which ones need improvement, etc. and why?

4. Finally, you will report on the future of gaming for medical and healthconditions and provide some insight into new and innovated approaches or technologies that may not have been evaluated yet,but that researchers believe hold promise.

The ACM library and the IEEE library will be great sources for the paper and you may want to look at some medical journals

For this assignment, you need to use peer reviewed sources to research this topic (such as papers from the ACM Library and IEEE library). The IEEE has a database that you can search just like the ACM library. You should have 5-6peer reviewed references for this assignment.

You will use the ACM SIGCHI paper format available as a Word template (attached). This is the same one you used for Assignments 1 and 2.

You will use the IEEE citation format. Your paper is to be 2.5-3 pages, properly formatted, including references.

Attachment:- Template_format_infx1616_0.rar

Reference no: EM131445814

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