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1. Each person should select his or her own 10 most important values from the following list and then rank-order those 10 from most impor¬tant (1) to least important (10). Then have an open discussion about how a person's approach to leadership might be influenced by having different value priorities. The values are achievement, activity (keeping busy), advancement, adventure, aesthetics (appreciation of beauty), af¬filiation, affluence, authority, autonomy, balance, challenge, change/ variety; collaboration, community; competence, competition, courage, creativity, economic security, enjoyment, fame, family, friendship, hap¬piness, helping others, humor, influence, integrity, justice, knowledge, location, love, loyalty, order, personal development, physical fitness, recognition, reflection, responsibility, self-respect, spirituality, status, and wisdom.

2. Explore how the experiences of different generations might have influenced the development of their values. Divide into several groups and assign each group the task of selecting representative popular music from a specific era. One group, for example, might have the 1950s, an¬other the Vietnam War era, and another the 1990s. Using representative music from that era, highlight what seem to be dominant concerns, val¬ues, or views of life during that period.

Reference no: EM13730833

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