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Topic: Organization Behavior

Detailed Question: Purpose:

To explore and better understand organizational performance and effectiveness through an organizational level perspective.

Related to the following course objectives:

based on an understanding of human behavior, create and sustain an organizational environment that leads to high performance analyze and respond to leadership challenges such as decision making, change, conflict resolution, and organizational commitment in an organization at every level

Approximately 6-7 page paper, , and research references page. (APA format)

Introduction to Assignment:

For this assignment, you will research and analyze the organizational performance and effectiveness of one of the organizations listed below. You will also propose OB-relevant recommendations for change and improvement.

American Airlines

Your analysis should include:

1. research findings of the organization's web sites

2. data, information and ideas, particularly from Weeks 6 and 7 readings/resources, and at least four outside academic or credible, respected business publications

3. a SWOT analysis on the organization.

4. documented and evaluated OB strategies or interventions that the organization could use to enhance its overall performance and effectiveness.

5. proposed and evaluated OB-related recommendations for improvements in the organization.

Read and follow all the Instructions carefully. Your analysis should evidence critical thinking skills (review Bloom's Taxonomy) in identifying and explaining organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Namely, but not limited to, managing groups and teams, group behavior, work and self-managed teams, communication, conflict and negotiation, and decision-making, along with outside research material.

Strive for originality and depth. Use examples and research information to support claims. Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for in-text citations and the reference list.

Use the comprehensive outline format described in Instruction 9 to present your research, findings, analysis, and recommendations.


1) Review the assignment purpose, course objective, and introduction above and the grading rubric at the end of these instructions.

2) Scan library and Internet resources on professor-approved organizations before making a selection. Chose and research an organization based on your level of interest in the subject, applicability to your job or career goals, what you would like to learn about, and feasibility for successful performance. Focus research on factors described in Instructions 3, 4, and 5.

3) Identify, analyze and evaluate OB concepts/theories that create an environment (work and organization design) that leads to high performance.

4) Identify, analyze and evaluate strategies, policies, and procedures relating to leadership challenges such as decision making, change, conflict resolution, and organizational commitment in an organization at every level.

5) Identify, analyze and evaluate techniques relating to human resources policies and practices (personal selection, training and development, and performance evaluation).

6) Create a SWOT analysis using standard four-square format for each component and bullet points (Google SWOT analysis template for samples) to present organizational level factors identified and examined in Instructions 3, 4, and 5.

7) Discuss each SWOT component analyzing and evaluating the organization's environment, leadership, and human resources policies and practices.

8) Create at least three recommendations, synthesizing key findings and ideas to maximize ongoing improvements to organizational performance and success.

9) Draw data, information, and ideas from at least six required resources (at least three from each of Weeks 6 and 7) listed in the weekly Schedules, plus at least four credible, authoritative, relevant outside sources for a total of at least ten references.

Your outside references should show a mix of scholarly and applied/practical sources, largely drawn from UMUC's Information Library System (ILS), and including classic writings. Review APA citation materials and Tips on Research Sources in Course Content.

Cite research sources within the paper's body using APA in-text formatting. Include a Reference list with complete source information at the end of the paper. See specific formatting and heading template instructions below in Instruction 12.

Alphabetize references under each subheading. Please note my preference for including publication date within in-text citations.

You are expected to paraphrase, using quotes only when the source's verbatim statements uniquely enhance meaning and understanding. Deductions will be taken when quotes are overused and found to be unnecessary.

See examples below.

In-text citation:

(Casey, 2002, p. 50). [Include publication date]

Reference citation:

Casey, C. (2002). Critical Analysis of Organizations: Theory, practice, revitalization. London: Sage.

10) Identify and present in bold font at least eight different OB concepts, theories, methods, strategies, interventions, or practices in your organizational level analysis. Demonstrate through context and/or endnotes your understanding of the terms' definition and meaningfulness to the meet the assignment's purpose and course objectives.

11) Determine what significant learning and understanding you gained from your research and analysis. Identify and evaluate at least three valuable take-aways you learned from your organization change analysis, and how you envision applying them to your job or career.

12) Use the outline below for topic and subtopic headings and subheadings. Your deliverable will use a comprehensive outline format. Feel free to create additional subheadings or modify headings as needed to present a group level analysis that meets the purpose, objectives and instructions provided.

Analysis and recommendations should be presented in standard expository form under each heading. Use examples and cite support sources as presented above.

I. Title page your name course name, assignment, date, and instructor's name.

II. Brief description of organization [name, size, type of business, service and/or products, location]

III. SWOT analysis

A. SWOT (grid figure with bullets followed by explanation sections with examples)

1. Strengths
a. Organization environment
b. Leadership
c. Human resources policies and practices
2. Weaknesses
a. Organization environment
b. Leadership
c. Human resources policies and practices
3. Opportunities
a. Organization environment
b. Leadership
c. Human resources policies and practices
4. Threats
a. Organization environment
b. Leadership
c. Human resources policies and practices

IV. Recommendations
Recommendation 1

Recommendation 2

Recommendation 3

VI. Significant learning

Learning or Take-away 1

Learning or Take-away 2

Learning or Take-away 3

and so forth

VII. References

13) Use Microsoft Word for your text documents. Use the following title: your name_Final Project topic/organization_464_date. Try to be concise and keep your paper at approximately seven pages in length including cover page and references, but rest assured that substance is more important than length. Again, APA reference format is required

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