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Choose a title below, and choose anyone company to do research


Management knowledge and learning


Motivation and meaning


Gender and management


Leadership and leading


Managing culture


Managing teams


Managing structure


Managing conflict and negotiation


Managing sustainability


Managing change


Power and politics in organizations


Decision making in organizations


Organizational control


Managing strategically


Managing ethically


interorganizational networking

The assignment requirements

Kurt Lewin proposed that -there is nothing so practical as a good theory- (Lewin 1951).

It is with this in mind that the purpose of this module is to critically research. explore and evaluate academic theories and concepts within a real world context.

This will be accomplished by the on-going development of a critical e-portfolio in which you compare. contrast and critically evaluate the potential linkages. tensions and contradictions between a chosen academic conceptual framework and its lived experience.

Ideally your portfolio should draw on your own primary research in terms of people's views, experience and stories and a range of appropriate academic literature. Secondary research can also be used to support and enhance the discussion.

This e-portfolio will be developed using PPT Slides or other online platforms (where applicable), and should include approximately 3,000 words of critical commentary.

Developing the portfolio

Please note this assignment must be seen as a distinct piece assessment and should not be based on any assignments currently or previously submitted for assessment.

From past experience the portfolios achieving the higher marks were built on an on-going basis through gathering and uploading appropriate evidence - for example: media files. photographs, web links, video clips. text downloads, to support analysis and evaluation of the concept(s), emerging themes and their application to the real world of management and organisations.

Your portfolio should have an introductory page which clearly sets out your focus i.e. key questionsfissues you will you be focusing on through the research project. What factors have led you to choose the focus - your rationale?

The stronger portfolios will draw their research from a range of sources to introduce different perspectives. However, what tends to make the stronger portfolios more thoughtful and unique is to introduce peoples' lived experience. This can be achieved by uploading video, audio or transcripts of their stories and insights. Secondary research can be used to compare and contrast these experiences
It is your responsibility as a researcher to ensure that permission has been requested and given from individual participants before uploading the data material to the portfolio.

Although it is possible to work with secondary sources care should be taken to ensure that these are not simply used in a descriptive manner and that they are utilised to develop a critical discussion based on the focus established.

The stronger portfolios will also identify and demonstrate an understanding of theoretical perspectives drawn from a range of academic literature selected as relevant to your portfolio's focus and emerging themes.

You should consider researching from the following indicative resources:

- Module reading list
- tioogie Scnolar
- There is a wealth of information available via the intemet-however, in the spirit of the module you should consider how do you use this material in a more critical manner.

The stronger portfolios will use the literature and data/evidence to thoughtfully work through a series of coherent phases of analysis and evaluation discussion from which reasoned conclusions are then drawn.

The assessment guidelines will be developed through student discussions within class sessions and will be important to help with your self-evaluation of the portfolio, and the final marking of the submitted portfolio. There will be also be opportunities within class workshop sessions to share ideas and learning, and to discuss issues emerging from the shaping of a focus, the ongoing research, the development of draft material and the design of the final portfolio.

Reference no: EM131198634

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