Explains the rapid growth-development of kingdom of funan

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What factor explains the rapid growth and development of the kingdom of Funan? relative technological superiority over its neighbors powerful navy and other military forces skilled population and diversified economy strategic location

Reference no: EM13312920

Basic process of effective communication

Discuss the basic process of effective communication. Discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service. Identify the advantages and disadvanta

Difference between one-price and flexible-price policies

What is the difference between one-price and flexible-price policies? Which is most appropriate for a hardware store? Explain your reasoning in detail with examples or citatio

How did susan get the clients to self-disclose

Go back and watch the Angry Couple/Emotional Focused Therapy from week 1 again. But, this time, you are going to look more deeply at the session and the specific techniques

Service that you want to sell internationally

Assignment: Imagine a product or service that you want to sell internationally. Tell me what it is and list three countries where you want to start your efforts. Give me the

Diversity of cultural aspects

Razack speaks to the idea that if, as a society we focus essentially on the diversity of cultural aspects, that we will continue to overlook the problem of power disparity.

Essays describing a future world of work

Write an essays describing “a future world of work”. These could be in the form of utopias and/or science fiction or just simple descriptive essays. The papers should cover al

How did brown v. board of education change public education

How did Brown v. Board of Education change public education? Has the promise of Brown v. Board of Education been realized? Support your position with reference to a curren

Design the study using an experimental design

Imagine you were conducting research on the relationship between academic performance (e.g., better grades) and different levels of loudness of music (interval scale) while


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