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You were exposed to four theories of personality - the trait theories, the psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theories, the humanistic theories, and the social-cognitive theories. Each of these theories purports to explain the way that personality develops in humans, and why we do the things that we do.

After examining all four of these theories in excrutiating detail (as I am certain you have done) your Challenge Question is as follows:

Which theory do you think best explains human personality? Which theory do you personally find resonates best with your own belief system? Are the answers to these two questions the same? If not, why not? If you had to start all over, and had never heard of any of these four theories, but you knew that personality was a relatively durable and stable set of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that appears stable throughout life after about age 30, how would you explain it? Can you postulate the parameters of a NEW theory of personality? What would that theory look like?

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