Explaining favoritism and bounded ethicality

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1. Bernard Madoff, a once highly regarded member of the Wall Street community, recently pleaded guilty of running a $50 billion ponzi scheme. Research the driving forces behind his seemingly unethical behavior and discuss your findings. How did favoritism and bounded ethicality come into play in this case?

2. Can you find examples of when companies adapted to perceived needs but that decision was the wrong one? Can you identify any companies that fell into this trap, and yet recovered?

Reference no: EM1333388

Customer relationship management crm san francisco

After watching the video, SFGTV Customer Relationship Management CRM San Francisco, brainstorm ways in which a city government can use a software application - specifically

Find optimal order quantity and total annual inventory cost

The annual demand for cups is 2.3 million, the annual carrying cost per box of cups is $1.90, and the ordering cost is $320. Determine the optimal order quantity and total a

Identify current trends in globalization

Identify current trends in globalization. Reason whether the global economy will return to the mercantilist stage, or if benefits of free trade and market liberalization wil

What descriptive statistics were used in the study

Identify the inferential statistics used, and comment on whether the analyses support the research problem or hypothesis. (For example, do they support the conclusions reach

Implementation of the affordable care act

Analyze two (2) changes to Medicaid resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Determine the impact that these changes will have on both Medicare eligibil

Does everything have a price

Does everything have a price? Are there some things you would not do regardless of the price? (Remember: prices and money are not synonyms; prices may be non-monetary.) Econ

Question regarding the market required yield to maturity

1. The Saleemi Corporation's $1,000 bonds pay 9 percent interest annually and have 13 year until maturity. You can purchase the bond $895. What is the yield to maturity on t

Describing the process of going to the kitchen

It is late at night, and you decide to get a glass of milk before bed. Try to write pseudocode describing the process of going to the kitchen and getting the milk. Be very s


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