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Answer the following problems-

1. Compare and contrast the software development methods of agile and waterfall and provide examples of how the models work and their pros and cons. Then describe how they would be applied to business projects beyond software and provide an example.

2. Explain "big data", the impact it's having on our lives, including privacy and security. Then tie in the need for business to use "big data" including the pros and cons of using it in CRJV1 and other marketing.

3. Explain your vision of future technology and which potential technologies are likely to actually happen and which are not and why. Then for the technologies you think will eventually come to fruition, evaluate the impact impact our lives and how you will plan your life and career accordingly.

4. Reflect back on the way you thought, read and wrote prior to this class. Then consider the impact of our critical thinking thread that ran through each week and how things like the author, the publication, the bias and sales pitch started to become a part of your considerations as you took in information. Hopefully, it's no longer just accepting at face value what someone has written, after you have a blog of your own now. Considering all that, describe how you think your thinking has changed and what impact that could have on your future.

5. Evaluate the implications of advancing technology both pro and con. Consider Thomas Friedman's classic book, The World is Flat, (which we discussed in class) and how technology has made the world much smaller. Attached is an excerpt covering Dell Computer and the global supply chain impact on global events to help you start your research. But be sure to do the research needed to come up with a comprehensive answer.

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