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Assignment : Beginning Your Philosophy of Exceptional Learning and Inclusion

In the introduction forum for this course, you shared one sentence about your vision for creating an inclusive environment for all learners that you will work with.

A key piece of being able to bring your vision to life is understanding your foundational beliefs about inclusion and how to incorporate those assumptions when working with learners who are exceptional.

Your perceptions about these ideas are the pillars of your philosophy of inclusion and exception learning. For your assignment this week, you will use the information you have learned so far about inclusion to begin building your philosophy.

To prepare for this assignment,

• Please refer to the Week 2 Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success on this assignment.

• Read Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children With Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

• Review the Sample of Philosophy and Inclusion Assignment

For your Beginning Your Philosophy of Exceptional Learning and Inclusion assignment, you will create a three- to four-page word document.

In your assignment,

• Explain your intended career path. Make sure to specifically include the age group you want to work with and your work environment (school, library, preschool, etc.) as it will influence your beliefs throughout your philosophy.

• Describe the professional dispositions you possess that influence your beliefs about how children grow, learn, and develop. Make sure to make a connection between your dispositions and your chosen career path. Refer back to your Week 1 journal, Professional Dispositions, for support when crafting your answer.

• Formulate your definition of inclusion. Make sure to include specific ways that your definition aligns with the age of the diverse learners you will be working with. Refer back to your What is Inclusion? discussion in Week 1 for support when crafting your answer.

• Explain your perspective on where we are as a nation with creating inclusive environments that meet the needs of exceptional learners.

Make sure to bring in specific examples of how policies and laws have influenced current trends for inclusive environments for your chosen career path. Refer back to your Week 1 discussion, History of Inclusion, for support when crafting your answer.

• Summarize the role you feel collaboration should play when supporting exceptional learners in inclusive environments. Make sure that important concepts such as being a critically reflective practitioner, collaborative teaming, and communication styles are included in your summary.

Refer back to your What is Collaboration? discussion and Communication Styles Self-Assessment discussion in Week 2 for support when crafting your answer.

Reference no: EM132281061

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