Explain will the vertical curve meet minimum ssd standards

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A particular crest vertical curve has long been criticized as being unsafe. Its length is 400 ft. The prevailing speed on the crest vertical curve is 50 mph. In its present condition, its tangent grades are +2% and -3%. Does this curve meet minimum SSD according to the AASHTO. If it is possible to enforce a speed limit of 45 mph on the curve, will the vertical curve meet minimum SSD standards?

Reference no: EM13296960

Can one collector be temporarily taken out of service

Dust is removed from the airstream of a municipal incinerator by four dust collectors operating in parallel, each handling 1/4 of the total airflow of 200 m3/min. The airstr

What is the concentration of cod in the effluent

The maximum specific growth rate of the organisms driving this reaction is 5.0 days -1 and the growth rate is 0.54 day-1. The activated sludge tank has a volume of 40 m3 and

What rate of return will the person make per month

A person who retires at age 62 can receive Social Security benefits of $1537 per month, but by waiting for the full retirement age of 66, the person will receive $2057 per m

Determine the magnitude r of the downward force

The guy wires AB and AC are attached to the top of the transmission tower. The tension in cable AB is 8.6 kN. Determine the required tension T in cable AC such that the net

How the design engineer has decided to support on a system

According to a settlement analysis, the weight of this fill will cause 600 mm of the total settlement over a period of 30 years. The differential settlement will probably be

Existing equal tangent sag curve

An overpass is being built over the PVI of an existing equal tangent sag curve. The sag curve has a 70 mi/h design speed, and G1 = -6%, G2 = +3%.

Find the wall friction head loss and the friction force on

Head loss and sunshine striking a pipeline cause the temperature of the water flowing inside to rise by 2 degrees Celsius between two measuring points. Find the heat gain in J

Calculate 5 day cbod of the river after mixing with waste

An industry discharges .5m^3/s of waste with a 5 day CBOD of 500 mg/l to a river with a flow of 2 m^3/s and a 5 day CBOD of 2 mg/l calculate the 5 day CBOD of the river afte


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