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There are many psychological approaches to addressing social problems (e.g., clinical, developmental, cognitive, phenomenological, neurobiological, behavioral). The social psychological approach is only one among many. Given that this is a social psychology course, the final paper requires evidence of your mastery of the theories and research you've studied.

Your task is, therefore, (1) to review the social psychological literature that pertains to a given social problem of your choice; (2) to identify gaps in that literature that need to be studied; and (3) to identify a potential research question that needs to be studied so that you may add to the literature and advance knowledge that can benefit society.

The Assignment (5-7 pages)

Select and describe a social problem in your field of interest.

Explain why you selected the social problem.

Research at least five journal articles related to the social problem.

Describe two gaps in the literature related to the social problem you selected in which you could develop further research and justify your selection.

Through a social psychology lens, develop a research question that a social psychologist might use to conduct research.

Reference no: EM13866684

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