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Superconductor technology is becoming a widespread and indispensible component of the machines we use today. Superconductors can be found in everything from transportation to electronic signal transmission. Due to our increasing reliance on technology, the demand for superconductors has skyrocketed. As a result, production has also increased exponentially, which has greatly reduced the cost per unit.

In a one-page (250-word) document, answer the following questions using the information provided in the scenario in Step 1:

  • Explain why the price of superconductors has diminished in the short run.
  • How does a superconductor manufacturing company's output correlate with the quantity of labor in the short run?
  • Calculate a long-run average cost curve for superconductors.
  • Explain how the producer's marginal revenue, the marginal cost of producing superconductors, economic profit on superconductor technology, and the producer's economic profit have changed.

Reference no: EM131288373

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