Explain why it is important to place terrorist groups
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1. Explain why it is important to place terrorist groups into categories such as left-wing or right-wing. Provide details and be thorough in your answer. What might be negative consequences of this practice?

2. Our course readings to date juxtapose the position that terrorists commit violent acts because they feel that they have no other choice; with the argument that, in many cases, terrorists are violent people who are psychologically predisposed to commit acts of violence. Identify and describe factual support of each argument.

3. According to the readings, what are some of the different radical political ideologies that differentiate terrorist groups? Discuss how their ideology relates to the targets that they may select. Do certain ideologies have a greater propensity for violence than others and, if so, why?

4. Consider the goals of religious motivated terrorist groups and discuss whether their acts are religious or political under the guise of religion. Be detailed on concrete in your answer.


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Terrorism is the methodical utilization of violence to make a general atmosphere of apprehension in a population and in this way to achieve a particular political goal. Terrorism has been practiced by political associations with both rightist and radical goals (Hofmann 219). It is also common to the nationalistic and religious gatherings, by progressives, and even by state establishments, for example, armed forces, discernment administrations, and police.

A terrorist association's structure, enrollment, assets, and security focus its capacities and span. Learning to present and rising models of terrorist organization enhances an understanding and situational consciousness of terrorism in a contemporary operational environment.

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