Explain why have you suggested these improvements

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Q. "Planning and Goal Setting." Please respond to subsequent:

Take vision/mission statement of your current organization or locate a business's vision/mission statement. Explain how could this statement be improved? Explain why have you suggested these improvements?

Assume you are a new division manager within a family-owned organization where CEO has been in place for years. CEO needs to take over a new business. There has been no discussion with management team or planning or managers have elected you to speak to CEO regarding need to develop a business plan in today's business world. Illustrate what do you say?


Reference no: EM1374548

Determine optimal design of health care delivery channels

Describe a health care provider with which you are familiar and discuss the function and flows that needs to be performed by that provider’s marketing channel. Provide specifi

Describes third-worldism as an automatic resistance

Halle describes “Third-worldism” as an automatic resistance to change among poorer countries to proposals that come from richer countries. What could be done to overcome this

Monthly shipping schedule-petrochemical steel

What Monthly shipping schedule should Petrochemical Steel initiate? What is the cost of this schedule? Should the company consider expanding or decreasing the capacity if ei

How that leadership was effective in overcoming resistance

Select an article (from a current business periodical such as the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, etc.) that describes successfully leading change. Describe the

Values statements for your own health care organization

Create actual mission, vision, and values statements for your own health care organization or department or one which you someday hope to lead. Explain your thought process in

Compared to his competition

Compared to his competition, Mayhem was the most popular on twitter, but was second in popularity on Facebook. Why do you think this was the case? There isnt much to go by, ba

Weighted moving average in which registrations in most year

The operations chief of Goldman Sachs is trying to estimate the number of job applicants that she will receive next year.   Recent data is as follows: Develop a 2-year moving

Differences between the two methods of collaboration

Identify the differences between the two methods of collaboration discussed in the chapter: CPFR and S & OP. How are they similar and how are they different? Explain the diffe


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